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2200 S. Main St., Ste 113
Lombard, IL 60148
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Reclaim13 is a non-profit working to end the cycle of sexual exploitation than can lead to child sex trafficking.  We work in the areas of Healing, Prevention Education, and Community Engagement.


Prevention Education

Reclaim13 works from a holistic model to intervene in the abuse and exploitation of children—we plan to work on not only the recovery of victims through Cherish House but also prevention so children don't fall victim to child sex trafficking in the first place.


Prevention is critical in the battle to end child sex trafficking. It won't end unless we can prevent children from being abducted, tricked, and lied to by predators.

Reclaim13 works from a holistic model to intervene in the abuse and exploitation of children. As well as our work with recovering victims at Cherish House, we have developed effective Education and Prevention programs to keep children from falling victim to child sex trafficking in the first place. These programs help children to properly understand their risk factors and to develop a strong sense of their value and self-worth. 

An estimated 70-90% of girls sexually exploited in the United States were sexually abused before they were recruited into commercial sex trafficking.

Reclaim13 Prevention and Education includes:

  • Prevention of Abuse and Child Exploitation (PACE)

  • Community Education and Awareness

  • The Path (Trailer above) To help prevent this tragic reality, Reclaim13 has created a prevention video called “The Path” that shows one common tactic a predator uses to manipulate a child. Full version coming soon!


For children, we: 

  • Teach the necessary skills to identify, avoid, and handle high risk situations that could lead to abuse.

  • Provide prosocial behaviors aimed at developing healthy, non-oppressive relationships.

  • Help those children who already may have encountered abuse to seek help.

  • Provide early messages to boys and girls about respecting and caring for one another.

For parents, we:

  • Provide information about the exploitation of children within their communities.

  • Teach them how they can protect their children.

The Reclaim13 prevention and education program works in locations around Chicagoland where children are most vulnerable and at-risk. We partner with existing community organizations, and together we work to protect children, enabling them to grow up in the healthiest environment possible. 

To inquire about bringing Reclaim13 to your school district, Contact Us.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

—Edmund Burke